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$1,53: 2,88%: 100% ORGANIC TURMERIC -TUMERIC- ROOT POWDER INDIAN SAFFRON SPICE CURCUMA LONGA: $12,62: 2,88%: 50g PURE BULK TURMERIC ROOT POWDER - CURCUMA LONGA CURCUMIN GROUND TUMERIC FREE: $2,83: 2,88%: ORGANIC Turmeric + Black Pepper Capsules: Piperine and … Vendors insist that it is actually azafrán (saffron), and supermarket shelf labels give it that name as well. I’ve lived in Chile and while the food is much less spicy in nature, just in the last 15 years, Chile has gone through a complete transformation on the culinary side with the introduction of US-type fast food and high-fat, high-carb diets. I normally extract the ginger liquid (one gallon of liquid from approximately 1 lb of raw ginger roots and grinding in a mixer with water) and add it to most juices I drink (and I added sour ones such as black cherry and pomegranate that I could not drink before to that list) in 3:1 (juice to ginger increasing ginger if I felt like) ratio. Item #: 54207. description: tumeric powder (l) nghe.�size: 12 x 16 oz (454g).�turmeric.�sale by box (case). I believe that a good bit of ginger’s usefulness in Mexico is as a medicinal tea. it will be interesting to see how far it goes. Marjoram? Ginger grows easily in Mexico, for example. One excellent Mexican cook in Guanajuato told me his mother used ginger in salsas to provide “otro estilo de picante” (a different kind of piquancy). No, turmeric is not used for home-made Mexican dishes. It’s not really surprsing that so many of these herbs come in first as medicinals. We’re drifting a bit here, but a couple of things: She also confirmed that it is used for sore throats and to aid digestion. Thanks so much for your usual careful, detailed account. Check new buyers of turmeric in Mexico. My students tend to think that it is the real thing, and don’t even know about the original saffron. When we last visited Oaxaca, we say lots of fresh ginger for sale in a smaller mercado. The plant is a perennial, rhizomatous, herbaceous plant native to the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, that requires temperatures between 20 and 30 °C (68 and 86 °F) and a considerable amount of annual rainfall to thrive. Interesting. First they came from China and India, later from Java. I’d guess more part of the Pacific than the Atlantic Exchange. Iliana de la Vega confirms my impression that in Mexico turmeric is used for coloring (competing with annatto and saffron) and that it is used medicinally. Köhler, Medizinal-Plfanzen. And were they part of the Columbian Exchange? Ginger is a staple is used in coconut milk dishes and chicken and fish dishes and soups. Hope it is not too late to leave this comment. Organic kombucha tea drink turmeric mango ginger, Get List of Turmeric Importers in Turmeric is a flowering plant, Curcuma longa of the ginger family, Zingiberaceae, the roots of which are used in cooking. Why is American Cuisine So Pervasively Sweet? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Galangal is very abundant but hardly used (I’ve only seen it as a vinegar or fish paste complement so far). Quite a few exotic herbs and spices, such as borage or sweet basil are used more in medicine and ritual than in the traditional Mexican kitchen, apparently, and are mostly sold for that purpose, at least in the center of the country. I had a query this week that I am throwing open to everyone: how, if at all, are ginger and turmeric used in Latin America? Could they have gotten to Mexico through our galleon trade? The spices you mention are all much in use in the Guyanas and many islands (Trinidad, Curacao, certainly Jamaica…), as I witnessed during my years in Suriname. Oregano? I think there will be lots of interesting developments in understanding early globalization in the next few years. I know because I was self-sufficient in ginger all my years there, planting the rhizomes at intervals in a big pot and waiting until a new crop was ready. Parsley? I have to do a final roundup post on ginger and turmeric and the Filipino link is so crucial. All rights reserved. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Whoops, Cristina, how did I miss your comment? There are a lot of alternative anisey-tasting plants in Mexico. –as far as I know, Mexico’s egg producers feed their hens ground marigold petals mixed with their other food to produce the gorgeous golden yolks we enjoy here. They have no reason to place a name like that on a plant. What's the Difference?

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