spa sensations by zinus 12'' theratouch memory foam mattress


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Compared to traditional mattresses, this one is much better for support. I got a full size & too big for full sheets & my full bedframe.. it has this awkward smell that gives me a major headache. They use CertiPUR-US foams so they won't offgas nasty toxins into your home. No more tossing and turning for hours trying to get comfortable, or waking up sore the next day. 00 It is so comfortable and I know we will never go back to a conventional mattress. BedInABox.com Natural Silk Elegance Memory Foam... BedInABox.com PacDown Memory Foam Mattress. It contours to the shape of your body every time you lay down. Durability It is very durable...my cats have the run of the bedroom while I am gone, and they can be pretty wild. Support It was so nice to receive it in the mail and be able to set it up on our own!! I instantly sink into a dent created by my body which is extremely painful. But my frugal side got the best of me, and knowing that we could return it if need be, we bit the bullet. Spa Sensations 12" Memory Foam Comfort Mattress: The Spa Sensations by Zinus mattress line offers customized, relaxing support for a better night's sleep The 3" top layer of Theratouch memory foam provides conforming comfort and significantly reduces pressure points, while the base layer of high-density support foam provides the perfect amount of support Spa Sensations is a brand of affordable foam mattress that is commonly sold at Walmart and Amazon -- they are made by Zinus, a Chinese-made mattress company. By the end of the second month, it felt like I was sleeping on a piece of plywood with a thin foam pad for covering. I sleep on my side with a pillow between my knees and have never been so cozy at night! This mattress certainly allows the opportunity to get a good night of sleep. It's very soft and comfortable. Comfort It is firm yet has just enough "give" in it to make it not seem overly firm. So far, I haven't had any problems with them ripping or messing it up. Firmness Firmness In addition to 3" of Theratouch premium foam, this Spa Sensations memory foam mattress features 3" of ventilated Air-cool foam that reduces your body temperature and helps you snuggle under the covers. After my husband and I admitted our old spring mattress was toast, we decided that it was time to really invest in a nice mattress. It's so comfortable. If you've never before slept on memory foam you are in for a treat. I have had it for over a month and I am just as comfortable as the day I got it. With a top layer of premium Theratouch memory foam, this Spa Sensations mattress conforms and supports your individual body shape, relieving pressure points and stress. We've recommended it to many people, and even bought my brother one when he got his first place. No one tests mattresses like we do. The 12" memory foam mattress also features a heavy velour cover that helps protect the mattress and make it even more comfortable. Grafton, OH. Contours to the shape of the body for full support I love this bed, it's wearing down rather quickly though. I like Soft beds and figured memory foam would be pretty soft, but this one is not as soft as others I have felt, Or as soft as the little samples next to the box. It was seriously cheap enough that I thought I might be getting myself into trouble by buying it instead of a more expensive option. Their mattresses are extremely affordable. Comfort I bought this mattress after reading a lot of good reviews. Durability This isn't the best bed that I have slept on, nor is it anywhere near the worst. You won't be disappointed! The first problem I noticed with this mattress was how it started expand past the size of the box springs and go down over the edges of the box springs. I've actually been considering purchasing another one for my sons room soon since it is so reasonably priced and comfortable. When I opened it, it was compressed so moving it into my bedroom all by myself was no problem. I actually ordered this matress online, so I never got to try it out before purchasing. Support Get performance ratings and pricing on the Spa Sensations by Zinus 12 Support I like Soft beds and figured memory foam would be pretty soft, but this one is not as soft as others I have felt, Or as soft as the little samples next to the box. I need good support because I have neck issues, and I feel I can even sleep without a pillow with this bed! The support on this mattress is very good. It supports my back in ways that no other mattress has. My husband has scoliosis and other back issues, and so I spent a ton of time researching online. It came with clear care directions, how to unpackage it, and a warranty. I honestly would rather sleep on a couch. I've had back problems for years and I would wake up in pain every morning until I bought this. We love how the mattress molds to your body. Comfort The memory foam is very comfortable, but I will complain that it can heat things up during the summer. To me, its like sleeping on a cloud. The mattress is very comfortable and while it isn't the hardest mattress out there (really who wants that) it is still firm so that you can sleep good while still helping ease back pains and other problems. I Even though I knew I took a big risk, I am very pleased with the product. Last year I purchased a new bed for my daughter and so I also had to purchase a new mattress. Product Title Spa Sensations by Zinus 5" Memory Foam Twin Youth Ma ... Average rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars, based on 1688 reviews 1688 ratings Current Price $85.00 $ 85 . Me and my wife complain of often backaches after getting out of bed. Mattresses are so expensive and I feel like we got a really good mattress for so much less than what some people pay!! Not to mention it was light weight enough for me to put on the bed on my own. Durability I would definitely recommend this mattress for anyone looking for an affordable memory foam option, whether it be for themselves or a child. We've now owned our mattress for 3 years and it has held up wonderfully! Comfortable mattress every time that you lie down

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