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Has in-depth understanding of development best practices. Senior SDE 63: 64: Principal SDE 65: 66: 67: Partner 68: 69: 70 Distinguished Engineer: 80 Technical Fellow The role (and its own associated level, responsibilities, and outcomes) conveys much more about what the candidate’s experience will be, should they join your company. Developing professional and technical expertise. What are the specific roles and responsibilities for a “tech lead”? For comparison, see how Basecamp (50 employees) handles their developer titles. Get updates on salary trends, career tips, and more. Seasoned professional with competence, creativity in wide range of technical areas. A great lead engineer, who knows how to allocate resources among projects and understands how company priorities map to their tasks. Thinks both strategically and tactically, keeping in mind both technical goals and company goals. Is a great leader, sets direction for product. Get a look into the base, stock, and bonus package breakdowns as well as Microsoft's standard stock vesting schedule. Industry tactics for establishing roles, titles, levels, and compensation can be helpful, and can also serve as a basis for creating effective hiring plans and writing compelling job descriptions. (This runs the gamut of complex point systems, spreadsheet matrix, paragraphs of text, or just a few general guideline bullet points.). Get six free sections of this book in your inbox over the next two weeks. - Level 61-62: PM/SDE/SDET 2 - Level 63-64: Senior PM/SDE/SDET. In general, the higher level the role, the more autonomy and the greater skill, independence, accountability, and leadership the company expects. As companies grow, their incentive systems often become more complex and granular. Learn what software engineering job titles really mean, how companies standardize them, and how they relate to your work and pay. (Can create some blanks). Participates in and supports initiatives outside of main area of responsibility. Writes and executes test plans. Performs expert programming tasks. Software Development Engineer (59, 60) SDE II (61 and 62) Senior SDE (63 and 64) Principal SDE (65, 66, 67) Job levels (or job grades) are formal categories of increasing responsibility and authority in a company. Understands the scope of medium features. Has a basic understanding of what all components in their product are. Handles large-scale technical debt and refactoring. Participates in code reviews and can sign off on small features. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Participates in and supports initiatives outside of main area of responsibility. They also risk undermining employees’ intrinsic motivations, and many companies find that people can become fixated on their level or title and lose a focus on teamwork and collaboration. Compare that to Google, where software engineers at the L7 level (a senior manager role; roughly equivalent to Microsoft’s level 67) can expect to pull down $256,059 in annual salary, $286,176 in stock, and a bonus of $83,294. Writes and executes test plans. Keeps team morale high. Here are some additional resources and a few public examples of ladders that aren’t on progression.fyi: Engineering director Chuck Groom highlights key differences people might see between ladders, including: How many individual-contributor levels should there be? The tech industry has moved away from viewing management as the de facto progression in an engineer’s career, with an increasing number of companies providing separate management and IC tracks that can support both paths without forcing engineers into management. But it’s the level of your job that really determines scope of responsibility. Shows initiative and offers assistance when needed without being asked. If you found this post worthwhile, please share! A career ladder shows only vertical progression through job levels, while a career lattice shows possible lateral movement as well. Writes and executes test plans. Book a call, Calculate and understand your total compensation. We'll be updating the new levels in its place over the next few days. You can browse a collection of ladders and rubrics made public by their respective companies at progression.fyi. Many companies choose to include a level and title as parameters or expressions of a role. To avoid confusion, it’s usually best to talk about job levels. Shapes coding methodologies and best practices. Click a company or level for salary info. Job titles provide a brief description of the position, and can vary in that descriptiveness, ranging from the general—Software Engineer or Web Developer—to the specific—Senior Staff ML Engineer. Performs complex programming tasks. Microsoft has three main technical disciplines: Program Manager (PM), Software Development Engineer (SDE), and Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) [1]. ​candidate​ It’s rare to be able to negotiate on your level, title, and compensation. Shapes coding methodologies and best practices. It is a significant change in your culture and your way of doing things.Ashish Raina, compensation consultant*. Responsible for team retention and hiring. (At some point, likely when you get into the high hundreds to thousands of employees, you may find that the complexity of your organization merits a little extra help. A dual-ladder approach in particular can introduce concerns about fairness between individual contributors’ and managers’ career prospects.*. Has a basic understanding of development best practices and comfortable writing code. Only a handful at this level throughout the company. This helps demonstrate career progression for candidates and employees, and reduces bias in setting pay levels and determining promotion and other performance rewards.

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