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UncommonGoods has all the best gifts. While it works on 110-120 volt outlets, it also comes with a car charger. Grab the matching coin purse, and you’ve got a fun gift for a farmer, 4H leader, agriculture student, or anyone who likes funky accessories. Made from eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo, this cool bed tray takes her homework to a whole new level. This kit gives you enough tiny notes to write 180 different memories, along with a pen and the jar with a cute twine chalkboard label. The game can be played with up to five players, or even enjoyed solo. We also love the hilariously silly WTF Nifty Notes by Knock Knock a sizable pad of stickies she can use to brighten or horrify her friends, kids or co-workers. a Fused Glass Stopper and Wine Charms Set. Diamonds are always in style, but you could mix up your selections with a LeVian chocolate diamond ring that combines peach morganite and those delicious brown diamonds. This simple hydroponic system uses a full spectrum 20 watt LED high efficiency grow lighting system that is tuned to the specific needs of her plants to maximize photosynthesis, resulting in rapid, natural growth and abundant harvests. This four pack of glasses features a copper finish that looks as though it was swirled like a fine wine, but there’s a clever secret behind the design. Gold. Just in case she’s not an espresso gal, consider getting her a cold brew coffee maker or a simpler single serve option. Stinky refrigerator smells and dried on microwave food explosions are no laughing matter. Murano glass is lauded throughout the world as some of the finest and most lustrous available. Perfect for the lady who’s into steampunk everything, this watch has a funky and fun appeal for any woman of any age. Some beautiful yard sculptures, an outdoor fountain or a weathervane are wonderful gifts for her, or perhaps a hanging chaise lounge that lets her relax and enjoy the fruits of her labors. Our guide will help you find truly amazing gifts for all the special women in your life, from funky and fun to completely extravagant. This set includes ten of the most used hand tools all in a molded toolbox to keep them well stored when not in use. This steel drum is ideal for beginner players, whether they’re kids, teens, or adults. We all know her – that woman who just can’t put work away before bedtime. UNBORED Games has all the smarts, creativity, and DIY spirit for a creative family, but with a laser-like focus on the activities we do for pure fun: whether it’s to survive yet another rainy or snowy day, or to test your family’s skills and stretch their imaginations. With 54 giant wood blocks, the tower grows as each player removes one from the stack and adds it to the top. These would be a crazy gag gift, White Elephant gift, or just a fun gift for someone who LOVES lobster. If you happen to live with the lady you’re buying this gift for, it’s one of those presents you’ll likely also get some use out of (ahem, BONUS?). And while she’s shouting curse words, these little dudes will be silently cheering her on. We also like the addition of tiny bees along the outside of the candle. The pretty luminescent freshwater cultured pearls are elegant, but the sterling silver cat ears and post make them even more purr-fect. oH! If space saving isn’t your first concern, but you want to preserve her substantial investment in her beauty products, you might want to consider this large Cooluli mini fridge that can accommodate up to 20 liters of cosmetics, snacks, and more. Urban Outfitters. Is this the year you plan to seriously splurge on something special for your lady? Simply string it between either backyard trees or poles that are securely anchored, and ratchet it tighten with the included ratchet. Inside this compact, there are two mirrors, one to magnify and one regular, so she’ll know before important meetings whether everything is in place. It exfoliates with pumpkin enzyme and peels away dead skin cells with alpha hydroxy acid. Although it feels like a traditional notebook, it connects to all of her favorite cloud services. It’s the same with so many other dishes that can be dicey to get right. Tea Drops are natural and organic pressed teas that simply dissolve in your cup. In less than ten minutes, she can set up the system and have her own kitchen garden. The Everlast notebook negates the need for traditional paper, helping to preserve our precious planet. It connects to her smartphone with a user friendly app. This big bag will automatically shut off after the cycle has finished so you don’t need to keep a close eye on it. Brian is infamous for waiting until the eleventh hour to buy Christmas gifts (even though he is RIDICULOUS with ordering birthday gifts so early that I have to restrain myself from investigating and playing 20 questions). Oh sure, you could get your lady some lovely wine glasses, but when you could give here these copper toned stunners, wouldn’t that be a much more unique gift option? Extra long handles keep her hands away from the heat, while the smooth wooden grips are ergonomically designed to be super comfy in the hand. Order your holiday gifts extra early - we're talking right about now early - to get what you want, when you want it. And it’s never to early to empower kids too. In just 30 seconds, this face steamer powers up and turns clean water into micro-fine particles that help clear pores and blackheads, as well as restoring needed moisture. While this one has an aged bronze patina, you could also get the Multi-Color Tulip Wind Spinner, with a solar powered color changing light in the center. Another kind of splurgy gift to consider is this tub of Peter Thomas Roth complexion correction pads that can be used a couple of times per week to keep her skin looking blemish-free, vibrant and luminous.

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