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"The Dell Latitude 7410 Chromebook Enterprise is the best Chromebook we've tested." Chromebooks are known for their power efficiency. HDMI | 6. Considering Chromebooks' reputations for affordability, there is definitely some sticker shock here. USB Type-C with Power Delivery | 8. Games in Chrome OS run without a hitch. Coming in at $1,900 for my review unit, it packs an Intel Core i5-10310U processor, 16GB … Charge your system faster, support up to three displays and connect to your peripherals via a single cable. Essential mobile accessories for your Latitude 7410 Chromebook Enterprise, Dell Notebook Power Bank Plus | USB-C, 65 Wh - PW7018LC. Users can replace only the WWAN card and storage drive; the RAM, CPU, and WiFi card are non-removable. Today, we will look at the standard Latitude 7410 Chromebook Enterprise, a carbon-fiber clamshell Chromebook that takes many cues from Dell's Latitude line. Up to Chrome Enterprise Upgrade (Management), Up to Intel® Integrated UHD Graphics, i5-10310U Processor, 8G Memory, M.2 128GB PCIe NVMe Class 35 Solid State Drive, Best Laptops: DellEuropean Hardware Community Awards 2020, Latitude 7410 Chromebook Enterprise 2-in-1: Rated 88%"The Dell Latitude 7410 Chromebook Enterprise 2-in-1 is a well-specced, well-crafted, high-end Chrome OS convertible." Under light load, the laptop draws 7 Watts or fewer. At 1.4 kg, it's one of the lightest 14-inch Chromebooks on the market today. There's a lot to like, though the high price and … The machine has two USB 3.2 Gen 1 (5 Gbps) Type-A ports and two USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C ports. With an average DeltaE2000 score of 2.05, the Latitude 7410 Chromebook is one of the most color-accurate Chromebooks on the market. Coupled with the HDMI 2.0 port, the Chromebook can theoretically connect to three external monitors. | Dell XPS 13 9310 Core i7 Laptop Review: The 11th Gen Tiger Lake Difference, The Best Smartphones for Less Than 160 Euros, SDCardreader Transfer Speed - average JPG Copy Test (av. The bottom vents over the left side of the CPU and the power input are the hottest areas under load, peaking at about 45° C. The Latitude 7410 Chromebook can be comfortably used on a lap for most work, but heavier strain may cause clammy knees. Dell Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo | KM7120W, Designed to work seamlessly across 3 devices, this compact keyboard mouse combo keeps your desk clutter-free and lets you stay productive with up to 36 months. frequency)Overall 100 - 16.000 Hz(±) | linearity of overall sound is average (23.1% difference to median)Compared to same class» 68% of all tested devices in this class were better, 7% similar, 24% worse» The best had a delta of 8%, average was 21%, worst was 51%Compared to all devices tested» 64% of all tested devices were better, 8% similar, 28% worse» The best had a delta of 3%, average was 21%, worst was 65%. Is the Comet Lake-based Chromebook worth its high price tag? 2560x1440 Sling Shot OpenGL ES 3.0 Physics, 2560x1440 Sling Shot OpenGL ES 3.0 Graphics, 2560x1440 Aztec Ruins High Tier Offscreen, 1920x1080 Aztec Ruins Normal Tier Offscreen. However, whites look pure without any noticeable blue tinge. The keys are adequately spaced and key travel is good, but feedback feels soft and muddy. This is only noticeable under bright lights, which can make the Latitude 7410 Chromebook's display hard to read. The Intel Core i5-10310U is from Intel's Comet Lake (CML-U) family. The display's contrast is excellent, measuring about 1400:1. My areas of interest include the business side of technology, retro gaming, Linux, and innovative gadgets. If PWM was detected, an average of 9589 (minimum: 5 - maximum: 142900) Hz was measured. It's lower pitch further helps it to blend in with ambient noise. Dell Technologies Unified Workspace is transforming the employee experience by ensuring IT has proactive, predictive and automated solutions to deliver on the promise of a modern workday, while simplifying their ability to deploy, secure, manage and support today's work environment. Dell Technologies launches premium Latitude 7410 Chromebook. Depth: 211.76 mm (8.33") | Starting Weight: 1.39 kg (3.07 lb), Essential desk accessories for your Latitude 7410 Chromebook Enterprise. Viewing angles are good, as is expected for an IPS panel. Linux integration allows gamers can run Steam via Linux and enjoy lighter titles like Stardew Valley. Gamma is also near perfect at 2.201. Grays and blacks manage an average DeltaE2000 score of 3.8. The quad-core Hyperthreaded chip is a fair bit more powerful than the dual-core Celeron and Pentium silicon usually seen in Chromebooks. Work at full speed with Dell’s powerful USB-C dock. 1. After graduating college with a degree in Mathematics, I worked in finance and banking a few years before taking a job as a Systems Analyst for my local school district. This may be a problem with our unit, but considering the cost, this inconsistency is frustrating. Multimedia / Flash Card Reader uSD 4.0, Laptop (Carbon Fiber): 1. Dell UltraSharp 27 4K USB-C Monitor | U2720Q. Dell's Latitude 7410 Chromebook Enterprise is designed to be the pinnacle of the Chromebook world. Dell reserves the right to cancel orders arising from pricing or other errors . — NotebookCheck. This isn't distracting, but it is noticeable. Please share our article, every link counts! That ethos took a drastic shift with the Inspiron 7486 Chromebook 14, a 2-in-1 Chromebook designed for business users. Under heavy load, the Chromebook's draw spikes at 57 Watts before quickly falling back down to roughly 15-25 Watts. A high point of the Latitude 7410 Chromebook is its low weight. The touchscreen, which is optional, works well. Intel® Core™ Processors. Dell Long-term remote work might be here to stay for a lot more people. If you've used any other Dell Latitude keyboards, this is the same old thing. I like them a lot--LOTS of key travel, decent backlighting, easy to blow debris out with some Dust Off. The Latitude 7410 Chromebook charges via either of the USB-C ports, which also support DisplayPort 1.2. Outdoor visibility is good, thanks to the matte finish. Dell also offers non-touch variants and a 4K option in some regions. Sam Medley, 2020-10-29 (Update: 2020-10-30). The smooth surface allows for easy glide and satisfactory scrolling, and tracking is responsive. The Latitude 7410 Chromebook's graphical performance in Android benchmarks is on par with other high-end Chromebooks but only competes with midrange smartphones. For the most part, Dell has succeeded. The keyboard deck is a weak point; it deck flexes easily, even when typing. frequency)Highs 2 - 16 kHz(+) | balanced highs - only 2.7% away from median(+) | highs are linear (5.2% delta to prev. The keyboard. Connect your Latitude to almost any device with a convenient 6 -in-1 compact adapter. Latitude 7410 Chromebook Enterprise: Rated 88% "The Dell Latitude 7410 Chromebook Enterprise is the best Chromebook we've tested." Get Started. Even under heavy load (streaming a 4K 60 fps video in five separate tabs), the fan hovers around 30 dB(A). Unless otherwise specifically advertised, promotional offers are not combinable with any other offer or volume based or other discounts to which you may be entitled. It can be difficult to tell if a right-click registers by feel alone. Gaming is quite a mixed bag.

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