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Single Sewage Pumping Station – 610mm x 2000mm 584 Litres – up to 10m head plus 2 year warranty on pump. 0 out of 5 Access to the opposite platform is by way of a covered footbridge, the stairways of which are contained within the building. Brunel was concerned that the current technology of the steam engine would prove to be inadequate for the steep gradients that the line would encounter beyond Newton Abbot as it approached Totnes, and later, as it skirted Dartmoor. Along with a test line at Croydon, the system had impressed Brunel for him to recommend it to the shareholders of the South Devon Railway. 22, No. An accessible footbridge with lifts for the railway station that would allow … leatash. Brunel countered this charge by stating that he had reduced the fee for his workmen on the system, had not taken his own £6,000 fee and had lost £20,000 of his own money which had been invested in the venture. Despite this, the service was remarkably reliable until the winter of 1847-1848, when the severe cold froze the valve shut on several occasions, or it leaked due to cracking; on these days, a conventional locomotive was used to maintain the service. Select options. Over the next few months, many problems became apparent to the engineers. The station is built on the sea wall, as is the railway line, and has often suffered from storm damage due its proximity to the sea. The main frontage is in banded rusticated masonry. South of the station the line passes through five tunnels through the cliffs as it follows the coast. Although the telegraph had been run along the line, it was not installed in the pumping stations - if it had, precious coal would have been saved. Brunel had submitted a verbal report to the directors on 1 August when he outlined the difficulties so far encountered with the system. Leaving St Davids, the line immediately crossed the River Exe on a wooden bridge to St Thomas which it crossed on a 548 yard viaduct, built by Samuda & Clegg, to clear the three main roads converging on the Exe Bridge. [8] Goods traffic was withdrawn on 17 May 1965. The next day Brunel with Samuda made his first trip, although the middle section at Countess Wear needed a tow, as the pumping house was not working. The choice of the atmospheric propulsion system was made after Brunel had seen the atmospheric Samuda and Clegg built Kingston & Dalkley Railway near Dublin in operation. The original wooden station and train shed was burnt down on 14 August 1873. The station was opened by the South Devon Railway on 30 May 1846. Work on the first section of wall, which runs for 400m from Colonnade underpass, west of Dawlish station to Boat Cove, has now been built, ensuring that this section of railway is more resilient for future generations. Pumping stations were constructed every three miles at Exeter St Davids (became a water tower), Countess Wear, Turf, Starcross (still exists), Dawlish, Teignmouth, Bishopsteignton and Newton Abbot. The top of the chimney was removed as it presented a danger to the main railway line that runs along the top of the sea wall in the foreground. The station that we see today was built in 1861 when the track was twinned and the viaduct widened, as is evident by the two styles of stone work under the arches. Each pumping station would evacuate the pipe of air, according to the timetable, which proved to be very wasteful if the train was no ready to leave the previous stop. Beneath the leading piston carriage hung a 4.6 m (15 ft) long piston shaped like a dumbbell, with small wheels outside the pipe, and before and after the piston, that opened and pressed close the iron and leather flap valve. Trials with trains hauling 120 tonnes were made and on one occasion, the 13.7 km (8.5 miles) journey from Exeter to Starcross took just 15 minutes. Problems were apparent from the start, as the carriage, towing a locomotive proceeded very slowly due to water and dirt in the pipe. Passengers who cannot use the steps can be escorted across the barrow crossing at the south end of the station by the station staff.

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