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This iconic snack continues to be popular, although technically no longer the most successful fast food eat in the city – having long since lost that title to the Döner Kebab as Berlin’s cheap sustenance of choice. Some of the best food you’ll find in Berlin comes from the street food vendors. Take one typically German smoked sausage, boil it, fry it, then serve it sliced with spiced and curry flavoured tomato sauce and a side of chips. The museum takes you through the history of the currywurst in Berlin and beyond. カリーヴルストまたはカレーヴルスト、クリーヴルスト(ドイツ語: Currywurst, カレーソーセージ)は、ドイツ料理の1つで、特に発祥地であるベルリンやルール地方、ハンブルクで人気のソーセージ料理。 ヴルストとはドイツ語でソーセージの意。 The Berlin curry sausage dish, or Currywurst, is German fast food with flair. Currywurst at the Currywurst Museum in Berlin. The 1993 novel by Uwe Timm The Invention of Curried Sausage claims - though fictional - … It takes in some tangents like the paper plate but some enjoyable games and quizzes. The owner of the stall would claim to have been introduced to the Currywurst in the 1950s in West Berlin, before the construction of the Berlin Wall. There is even a museum in Berlin dedicated to the history of currywurst, that’s how much of a big deal it is. [9] [10] [11] The Volkswagen plant at Wolfsburg runs its own butchery producing about 7 million Volkswagen currywursts per year, serving many directly to Volkswagen employees. The tour finishes with a sample of currywurst - which for Dit is even heel wat anders dan de meeste musea waar de meeste toeristen in Berlijn naar toe gaan, niets geen zware verhalen over de Duitse geschiedenis, alleen maar informatie over de bekendste Berlijnse snack; de Currywurst. Currywurst should be on the Berlin flag. Currywurst Express is the quirky currywurst food kiosk that can found around Berlin and close to Alexanderplatz station, about a ten-minute walk from Museum Island. Photo: DPA But there may be another side to the story. Berlin This quirky joint provides delicious, freshly made and traditionally prepared Berliner currywurst … The Deutsches Currywurst Museum estimates that 800 million currywursts are eaten every year in Germany, with 70 million in Berlin alone. Het Currywurst museum in Berlijn laat je kennis maken met deze heerlijke calorievolle specialiteit.

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