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This is gonna be a huge life saver!!!! These shelves were for his shoes and are spaced 8 3/4″” apart except for the bottom shelf that was designed for boots and is a little bit taller at 12″. I just wanted to know how you finished the intersection of the 2 pieces of trim. This made my day . This is beautiful and your instructions are so clear! On my side of the closet We installed corner shelves for my shoes. Welcome! I wanted the shelves above the IKEA TARVA dresser to be adjustable in height since I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to store in that space. I would LOVE if you shared the width/dimensions of all your little cubbies, but if you don’t already have it sketched out, no worries. Thank you! they don’t have a backing correct? You’ll want the depth of the craft board to match the front of the IVAR dresser so it should be 3/4″ deeper than the walls of the boxes that you built. Get an expensive look for a low price with this IKEA hack. looks great by the way. By sections I mean hanging sections and/or shelves. We then used the Kreg Shelf Pin Jig to drill a set of holes above and below the horizontal board. After deciding to do this I started searching Craigslist and found an ensemble of Asian-inspired dressers. He also has floor to ceiling shelves for his shoes. This is amazing. Shop IKEA instore or online today! When we added the trim later everything was flush and looked perfect. We are about to start working on our closet and this is very helpful! Best of luck on your closet! Hi! Today was my first day. I didn’t have an issue with any of them. I hope that this post helps some of you with designing and building your dream closet. Hannah – this is amazing! The new top for the Ivar is screwed i to the side walls of the boxes that I built. It has inspired us to do our own custom closet. I tried to print your article but photos didn’t appear. Thank you for the wonderful comment Elizabeth. BUT it’s coming together great! 00 (195) More options HELMER Drawer unit on casters 11x27 1/8 "$ 39. I’ve been scouring Pinterest and Google for closet ideas as I’m about to redo our master and this one wins the internet! You wrote “For each of the sections we built boxes that we then set in place (more detail in step 4). We added shelves that were 12″ below the ceiling throughout the entire closet. I did a couple coats of paint and it ended up with a very smooth finish with the roller so I was happy. Totally worth it though. We have the base built and the IKEA dressers painted and installed. Learn more. Very much appreciated. I know that everyone’s closet sizes are different, but it would be a helpful guideline. This looks great. Have you thought any more about adding the final dimensions to the post? You’re going to love your closet when it is done. I promise I’ll get to it eventually. Pinning. Just Gorgeous! So essentially it’s a 1×2 attached to a single 3/4″ piece of plywood. This gave him some more space for folded clothes above the IVAR Dresser. I agree that the pre-made closet systems seem cheaply made for the price. Great solution for storage and eliminates the need for a stand alone dresser. I can’t wait to see your finished beautiful closet! Thank you so so much, Thank You for sharing this DIY in such detail! Beautiful closet! Remember that awkward bump out in the corner that I showed you when I was talking about building a base frame? Visit IKEA.ca for a wide selection of drawer units. Generally clothes closet should have a minimum depth of at least 24 inches deep, so the clothes can clear the back wall, but you mention your depth aligns with the drawers which is closer to 19 inches. We have just started and have the base down. The tarva is shallower than the Ivar so those shelves aren’t as deep. One Question: What type of finish did you use for paint? I just measured and I left 2-1/4” between the bottom of the shelf and the top of the rod. I’d estimate it somewhere between $1,000 and $1,500. And here is his side with all of the shoe shelves installed. I would recommend hanging your clothes on a hanger and testing it first before you install them. Awesome! . Then, use the paint color of your choice and apply at least 2 coats. you’ll also want to account for the 1/4″ plywood wall backing so the boxes should be 1″ shallower than the IKEA dresser (1/4″ for the wall backing + 3/4″ for the face trim). It looks so much better with nice smooth joints.

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