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Changes in this version were though cosmetic and superficial. On the market for: 1 year, 3 months (IIe); 8 years, 9 months (IIe enhanced). In January 1987 the Platinum Apple IIe was released. The e in the name stands for enhanced, referring to the fact that several popular features were now built-in that were formerly only … In March 1985 Apple introduced the Enhanced Apple IIe. Interesting Facts: The IIe probably went through more changes of its original name than any other Apple computer. The motherboard was functionally identical to the Enhanced IIe, though the number of RAM chips making up 64K had been reduced (two chips instead of eight), the 16K ROM was merged into a single chip ("CF ROM"), and the shift-key mod was shorted to 'active' by default. This new Enhanced Edition is the most complete and accurate edition ever created, featuring improved readability, new coverage of the Apple IIe and Apple IIc, and a forward and historical perspective by publishing legend Robert Tripp. Apple IIe (enhanced) start-up problems . I was browsing through the Apple Disk Server a few weeks ago, and found out that their version of ProDOS only works with Apple IIe Enhanced or later Apple II models. The enhanced model was identical in every aspect to the original Apple IIe with a few improvements (see below). So far I switched out the floppy disk drive, analog card, serial card, extra memory card and power supply. The biggest difference consisted in the case color. On my Apple IIe (enhanced) I get the two beeps, the power light is on, and have this on my screen: "0102- A=00 X=FF Y=00 P=77 S=EF" followed by the * on the next line. Apple IIe. In 1983 it was the Apple ][e. From 1984 to 1986 it was the Apple IIe, and from 1986 to it's discontinuation in 1993 it was the Apple IIe. The Apple IIe (styled as Apple //e) is the third model in the Apple II series of personal computers produced by Apple Computer.

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