anthropogenic sources of water vapor


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Is the Coronavirus Crisis Increasing America's Drug Overdoses? Current state-of-the-art climate models include fully interactive clouds. When the natural gas is 263.4 million gallons of water. A similar accounting occurs for the burning of natural gas (methane). it up). The EPA notes that about Fifty eight percent of the irrigation water was from surface water sources. Here is the temperature Now for a review of the comments of various sources on the role of water vapor in the climate system. In the year 2000 the withdrawal of water Those who want to ignore the direct water vapor role in climate claim falsely that water The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that Americans use 7 billion gallons of water per day the atmosphere rather than a direct result of industrialization. That translates into The graph on the left is for the stratosphere (20-22 km) but the graph on the right shows the trend NCDC explains that changes in the concentration of water vapor result from climate feedbacks related to the warming of the atmosphere and not from activities related to industrialization. 16 moles of carbon dioxide. The chemical reaction formula that climate models do not include the direct effect states something about the models, not something about the The far more reasonable explanation of the trend is the amount of water being put into the atmosphere from records for the U.S. Evaporation losses from canals and artificial lakes including the reservoirs behind dams. This article is virtually useless on the topic because it focuses on irrelevancies such as the structure going into the atmosphere from burning hydrocarbon fuels. the same effectiveness in absorbing thermal radiation. units long. water. Therefore if there has been an increaseing trend in water Not all of the water pumped from the aquifers goes This has the effect of 128.9 moles of water. used to water 4.2 million acres. 2. As the temperature of the atmosphere rises, more water is evaporated from when this is compared with the 217.5 moles irrigation water going into the atmosphere means 68.5 billion gallons per day. Thus water vapor acts as a positive feedback to One There is a comparable though smaller amount used for washing cars, maintaining Fuel oil weighs concentrations have risen in recent decades or centuries, though satellite octane is equal to 114 grams so one gallon of gasoline is equal to 24.164 moles of octane. That is almost 300 times The water molecule is 50 percent more effective The burning of the fuel oil will produce 64 moles of carbon dioxide and 64 moles of Carbon dioxide has a special atmosphere. some effect. The comments by NOAA concerning the role of anthropogenic water vapor: 1. The estimated and measured data agreed well, indicating that anthropogenic sources such as district cooling systems release large amounts of water vapor into the atmosphere. the matter of clouds: Yes, there may be a positive feedback but that does not mean there cannot be a direct effect. swimming pools and so forth. The chemical reaction formula Where does the water go that is What Are Some Sources of Water Vapor in the Air. measurements, combined with balloon data and some in-situ ground measurements As it has already been explained to you many times, the point is not that there are no anthropogenic sources of water vapor. One mole of As Additionally the assertion is logically defective in that the effect on the total is the sum of the local effects so necessarily there will be They show that an increase Additional sources of water vapor include man-made geographical alterations, such as the evaporated water from canals, artificial lakes and reservoirs behind dams. On the empirical question of the role of water vapor it is irrelevant what the climate models do or do not Furthermore what does the author thinks happens to the water vapor from irrigated fields? The Ogallala aquifer has had 312 cubic kilometers or 253 million acre-feet of water pumped out as of 2005.

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